We are
Simply Technologies,
a Copenhagen based product studio.

In a world of technology overconsumption,
we aim to bridge the gap of making it more human and simple to use digital products.

To work with.
To play with.
To grow with.

Our products

Collect and display video and text reviews

Put a face on happy customers

SimplyReview allows you to create growth and trust by sending, receiving and publishing video and text testimonials on your website.

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Put a face on happy customers

Advanced image editor to create simple visuals

Visual editing made for everyone

SimplyPics allows you to quickly create visuals from a wide range of effects and tools, usable for your content across channels.

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Visual editing made for everyone

Got questions? Just reach out.

Niels Schmidt

CEO/CTO • niels@simplyreview.com

Mickey Switzer

CXO • mickey@simplyreview.com