The best tools and softwares for health coaches

The Simply Team

Are you just getting started as a personal trainer? Or are you an experienced health coach looking to grow? In any case, we have collected some great tools and softwares for you to improve your business with workflow to video software and anything inbetween.

These tools can be used whether you are an online coach, personal trainer, fitness trainers, nutritional expert or anything in that relation.

About SimplyLabs

We help new and experienced coaches use simple products to get more clients. Finding good software to grow your business is a jungle, so we made it simple, with one login for 6+ essential products.

....all products are made specifically with health coaches and personal trainers in mind

We know everything about your business and the strength in Simply is that all products are made specifically with health coaches and personal trainers in mind, with features that help you - and your clients - reach your goals.

Coaching software

Once you start getting clients, you will eventually grow out of the spreadsheet, post-it and document chaos and will want something to properly structure your workflow and enable you to increase your amount of clients while minimising your time spent on creating meal and workout plans. Below is a list of great software we can highly recommend, both for beginning coaches and more experienced coaches.


  • Zenfit is the leading scandinavian software for coaches with 5-50 clients, with features such as drag and drop builders for mealplans with 40.000+ recipes and 700+ HD workout exercises. Includes branded client and coach app.
  • Trial: 30 days free trial, money-back guarantee.
  • Price: €99/mo. for up to 20 clients, €149/mo. for up to 50 clients and 50+ clients custom pricing.


  • Lenus eHealth is the leading coaching software globally, empowering thousands of the worlds biggest coaches to handle a big amount of clients with their team, with features such as scientifically backed assessment and progress check-in templates. Includes branded client and coach app.
  • Trial: N/A
  • Price: Depends on no. of clients


  • Beefit is an all-in-one coaching platform with a broad range of features for both beginning and experienced coaches. Includes branded client app.
  • Price: N/A

My PT Hub

  • MyPTHub is an all-in-one self-signup coaching platform with 100k+ users, but has a higher threshold to get familiar with the product and figure out how to get started. Includes branded client app.
  • Trial: 30 day free trial
  • Price: €55/month

Create a website

Any health coach needs a proper online presence, and luckily there's a range of ways to get the job done.


  • If you just want a website for online presence without advanced coding or setup, stop right here. SimplySite creates a simple, beautiful tailormade website for your personal brand. It includes best practices for health coaches to get the most important communication and content across to prospects and can easily be matched with other Simply products like SimplyFlow, SimplyReview and SimplyLeads to create proper lead generation for you.
  • Trial: N/A due to being a custom designed site
  • Price: $30/mo.


  • If you don’t need a full website, but still need a place to encourage your prospects to book coaching sessions, visit your socials or check out your podcast, then SimplyLinks is for you. SimplyLinks is a simple page that aggregates everything you are, in one overview.
  • Trial: 30 days free trial
  • Price: XX


  • is a very intuitive website builder that helps health coaches to create your own professional websites without coding skills. (But you still have to do most of the dirty work yourself)
  • Trial: 14 day free trial
  • Price: Starts at €29/mo.


  • is a user-friendly platform that enables health coaches to easily build websites, even without any coding experience, showcasing their services and expertise.
  • Trial: 14 day free trial
  • Price: Starts at $16/mo.


  • provides health coaches with a powerful web design and development platform, offering complete creative control to build visually appealing and custom websites without requiring a lot of coding knowledge.
  • Price: Free tier, paid starts at $14/mo.

Optimise your website

Now you have a website, it's time to make sure it brings you value, excites, engages and converts.


  • Being a health coach or personal trainer is all about presenting yourself towards prospects or clients. SimplyFlow allows you to create a small video widget in the bottom corner of your website to present yourself and your services, without interrupting the browser experience or having a full-screen YouTube video embed.
  • Trial: 30 days free trial
  • Price: €9 / month


  • Create forms, slide-ins and popups to promote certain courses, newsletter sign-up and everything in-between. Sleeknote is the go-to software for popups integrated into your website.
  • Trial: 7 day free trial
  • Price: Starts at €49/mo.


  • is a chat and communication platform that helps health coaches to engage with clients through personalized messaging and responding to questions. It’s very feature rich, but also quite expensive for smaller businesses if you want to take advantage of all the features
  • Trial: 14 day free trial
  • Price: Starts at $74/mo.


  • is a user-friendly chatbot and live chat platform that helps health coaches like yourself to provide instant support, automate responses, and create client interactions on your website. At Simply, we use Tidio ourselves.
  • Price: Free tier, paid starts at €16/mo.

Client conversion & feedback

Now you have their attention, make sure you give them every opportunity to choose you.


  • Your prospects and clients need a way to contact you to start a coaching partnership with you. SimplyLeads is a lead form and sales CRM in one product. Get more leads using the intuitive, AI-powered lead form builder and close them using the smart recommendations.
  • Trial: 30 days free trial
  • Price: -


  • Your digital presence, in one simple link. One link to share everything you’re about, everything you can do, everything you’ve created and much more. Use it in your social bio to make sure people find your content and expand your audience. Can also be used as replacement of a website.
  • Trial: 30 days free trial
  • Price: -


  • Typeform is an online form builder that health coaches can use to create surveys, feedback forms, collect client information and much more. The strength of Typeform is the beautiful interactive flow, which makes it a better experience for clients to fill out, over e.g. Google Forms.
  • Price: Has a free plan, paid starts at €25/mo.


  • SurveyMonkey is a form builder that health coaches can use to gather feedback and insights from clients, helping you improve coaching programs and client experience, but is also great for just collecting leads.
  • Trial: N/A
  • Price: Starts at €27/mo.


  • If you’ve ever had to book meetings with people, chances are you know Calendly. Calendly is the industry-leading scheduling tool that allows your clients to book an empty slot in your calendar, so you save time and effort by going back and forth over availability in your e-mails.
  • Price: Has a free plan, paid start at $8/mo.


So you've gotten clients already, but want to grow your business and expand? We've listed some good options to get started below.

Contract software


  • DocuSign is a digital contract management software that helps you create, customise and also securely store client contracts and agreements. This saves a lot of admin work, simplifying your processes, ensures legal compliance and makes you look like a pro.
  • Trial: N/A
  • Price: Starts at $15/mo.

Review and video testimonial software


  • Let your happy clients vouch for your services and gain trust and credibility. SimplyReview enables video & text review software for fitness & health coaches. It’s intuitive, easy to use and fits beautifully into your existing website. You will also have a company page that you can always link to, aggregating all your reviews.
  • Trial: 30 days free trial
  • Price: Starts at €21/mo.


  • Trustpilot is the worlds biggest review software for all sizes of businesses to gather client feedback and ratings to attract new clients and build a positive reputation.
  • Trial: 100 invites / month
  • Price: Starts at $250/mo.

We also recently wrote a post for you with 5 Good Trustpilot Alternatives - you can check it out here.


Being a health coach or fitness trainer is a job of consistently branding yourself and releasing great content.

Here's a few tools that will make your job easier.

Video Software


  • CapCut and TikTok share parent company, so it goes without saying that CapCut are one of the strongest and most feature rich contenders in the mobile video editing app market. CapCut enables you to everything from editing, to overlays with stickers, video and everything in between. Available for Android and iOS.
  • Price: Free to use, but paid version starting at $8/mo.


  • InShot is a mobile app for video editing that helps health coaches create engaging video content such as workout videos, motivational and education videos and is super intuitive and easy to use. Available for Android and iOS.
  • Price: Free to use


  • If you have high quality video content, exercises or interviews, you’ll want to upload them on Vimeo. Vimeo allows for HD quality, and has a range of features, including Live Stream.
  • Trial: 7 day free trial
  • Price: Starts at $12/mo.

Software to create visuals


  • Content is king, and this is especially true for health coaches like yourself, where personal brand is everything. Canva is a user-friendly software that allows you to create designs, visuals and content without actually being a designer. Their 1000s of templates lets you create professional-looking social media posts, infographics, and promotional materials.
  • Price: Free to use, but with paid version starting at $119/mo.

Software to write content


  • Grammarly is a plugin that assists in improving your writing, both by coming with recommendations and catching grammar and spelling mistakes. A great tool to make you appear professional at all times.
  • Price: Free tier, with the option to go Premium for additional features


  • If you’ve been on the internet lately, you’ve likely heard about ChatGPT. It’s an advanced AI language model that you can use to seek expert knowledge or guidance, and it can help you create content. Just don’t be fooled by it’s ability to write entire books, as the human voice can never be fully copied or recreated, so handle it with care and use it to lean up against.
  • Price: Free to use


  • Jasper is on-brand AI content, helping you create anything from an Instagram caption to an e-book on exercises. Jasper, unlike ChatGPT, is stronger in achieving the tone of voice that fits your personal brand the best and helps you adjust messaging and communication across social platforms and the like.
  • Trial: 7 day free trial
  • Price: Starts at $49/mo.


  • Need a place for all your documents, tables, ideas, files? Notion aggregates everything in one, and it’s easy to structure and has a range of features that will almost definitely fit perfectly into your workflow.
  • Trial: -
  • Price: -

Take your personal financing to the next level

Whereby is the super simple way to connect over video. No apps, downloads, or long meeting links.